About us

The essence of ‘Terroirs Traditions et Crus’ is above all the meeting and alliance of three vineyard owners, all passionate about their land and their vines, wishing to share their experience, to undertake a venture based on quality and to join forces in order to distribute their wines.

From the work carried out in the vines to marketing the final product, we are committed to each and every phase.


Château Arnauton

AOC Fronsac. A property purchased in 2010 by two French wine aficionados. Covering 25 hectares, the vineyards are planted on the south facing slopes of the Montahut hill, which dominates the entire appellation.


Château Vermont

AOC Bordeaux Supérieur. Situated right in the heart of the Entre-deux-Mers region, in the municipality of Targon, Vermont is a delightful 19th Century château surrounded by 40 hectares of vines.
An unusual site, it has now been uncovered and made accessible. Taken over by Elisabeth and David Labat in 2010, this family property, managed for 3 generations, was one of the jewels of the region at the beginning of the last century.
Thanks to the quality of the efforts and investments put into the property, the chatêau is well on the way to regaining its high rank.

Château Pierron

AOC Buzet. Covering 27 hectares, overlooking the tourist town of Nérac, Château Pierron is one of the rare independent properties in the appellation of Buzet.
Purchased in 2007 by a French couple, equipped with a new and efficient working environment, Château Pierron produces wines in Buzet, but also in from Armagnac and Floc de Gascogne.

A dynamic team bringing together tradition and modernity

With more than 20 years of experience in the Bordeaux trade and with an all-consuming passion for viticulture, David Labat endeavors to bring together in the best interests of wine-growing and of business.
Since then, we have joined together on this adventure with other wine-growers, with whom we maintain close working relationships. ‘Terroirs Traditions et Crus’ is a close-knit and people-orientated company.

Care and quality at the heart of everything we doe

‘Terroirs Traditions et Crus’ is above all a sharing of experience and know-how. In this way, we guide our properties through the wine production process. With an approach based on quality, we work with Claude Gros, oenologist. In close collaboration with ‘Terroirs Traditions et Crus’, our properties produce polished, balanced and generous wines with a strong identity. Our wines remain faithful to the chanracteristics of their appellation and of their terroir, and match up to the expectations of our customers.